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Madeleine & Carl Philip: Cuddly holiday with your loved ones

Princess Madeleine is on the Seychelles ...
Photo: Princess Madeleine of Sweden / Facebook

Honeymoon and love vacation

A pair of siblings in luck: While Princess Madeleine of Sweden (31) enjoys her honeymoon in the Seychelles, her brother Carl Philip (34) secretly withdrew to a little love holiday, reports the "Expressen".

On the island of Ulvön, about 45 minutes away from Gothenburg, Prince Carl Philip and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist (28) are said to have made themselves comfortable. The "pearl on the coast" is not a tropical holiday paradise, but has plenty of Swedish natural beauty to offer - and finally, the couple is not on their honeymoon . An increase must therefore still be possible.

Princess Madeleine currently has to deal with unwanted media attention. She said via Facebook that she was disappointed with the indiscretion of the Swedish media and asked for a bit more privacy, having already reported extensively on her honeymoon in Sweden.

To take the wind out of the sails of the paparazzi, she posted a picture from her holiday paradise. Whether that will prevent the photographers, however, to wait for scandal paintings à la Prince Harry and Duchess Kate, is questionable. After all, a successful snapshot can secure an annual income.

Prince Carl Philip will certainly watch this from afar. After all, he will be the next to marry. The signs of engagement with his Sofia are intensifying. And such a holiday gives enough time to make any plans. The court assured meanwhile, the trip was exclusively private. OK then!