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Fashion Trend: Sexy Party Outfits

Long legs, low neckline, Knackpo: 15 men reveal with which party looks women really score with them!

You really want to turn your head around?

Cool shirt "I do not like going to clubs, I prefer to go to a cool bar. That's why I like the casual style. Cool shirt, jeans. Quite casual. "(Tobi P., 20) Of course you do not score points in the chic disco. But in the pub

It's guaranteed to work ...

Click through the sexy party fashion! (15 pictures)

How to do that? Quite simple: We interviewed 15 men and exclusively tell you which party styling really turns them on. The result: classics such as a large décolleté, tight mini skirt and high heels have not lost their effect. But that's not all: With our seductive party looks, you'll be pawing every man at every party.

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