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New emojis: 250 new symbols from July

Pretty emojis you can never have enough.

The middle finger is also there

250 new emojis for our smartphones in July - that's really good news. Which symbols we get.

Sorry, we do not want to be rude, but for this news we just have to show it, the middle finger: we get new emojis !

How many times have we missed the middle finger emoji when chatting with stupid men. You do not want to see me anymore? Alright, that's your emoji ! Now we finally get the icon on our smartphones - along with 249 other chic, new icons!

From July, announces, the new emojis will be added to the phones. This happens as part of a software update from Apple, Microsoft and Google. Also included are, for example, a peace dove, dark sunglasses and a beach with a parasol.

250 new ways to express with images what we sometimes miss words for. We are blown away and can hardly wait for the update!