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Disturbing video test shows: Children trust strangers so quickly

Photo: Screenshot Youtube / Joey Salads

Disturbing social experiment

This hidden camera social test will shock any mother. It shows how easily children would let strangers into their house for them - even if mom and dad are not there ...

It is the nightmare of every parent: their own child is kidnapped by a stranger. That's why parents always take good care of their children on the road and always keep an eye on where they are and who they are talking to.

But when children are at home, this caution is thrown overboard. It's also understandable, after all, one is in a safe environment in which no stranger so quickly access. Would you say ... Because this social experiment shows that even in your own home, children can be at risk.

YouTube star Joey Salads likes to test children's reactions to draw attention to various issues. He has already shockingly shown how quickly children can be kidnapped from a playground without attracting attention. Now he wants to make parents aware of how quickly children leave strangers in the house.

For Salads has asked different parents for their support. While mom and dad are either not at home, or just pretending busy at the top of the house, Joey Salads rings at the front door. In fact, every child opens them and, with big, questioning eyes, looks at the completely unfamiliar man in front of him.

"Hello, I'm a friend of your mom and dad. Are you at home?" Salads asks the children. Some say no. "May I wait for you inside?" - And without much attention ALL tested children enter the stranger.

The parents are shocked! So unsuspecting, do your children believe in a stranger ?! Some people can not believe it, and they regularly tell their children to be careful of strangers. Completely frustrated and shocked, one of the mothers says to her daughters, "Do you know this man ?! Why do you let him in? Do not I keep telling you not to do that?"

Maybe these kids will not open the door to a stranger anymore. Joey Salads, through his disturbing videos, hopes to draw more parents' attention to their children's innocence ...