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From the Life of a Mother: A Pringles Tin with Urine

Teenie room was a nasty surprise for this mother!
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Life as a mother: A teen room full of surprises

A mother tells the story of a normal life with a teenage son - sometimes acting like sheer madness. So a Pringles tin full of urine is suddenly on everyone's lips.

As much as one loves one's own child, so much can it sometimes bring one to the palm. Especially when puberty comes, it is not always easy. While they are still cute in one moment, they turn into the other in moaning-chaos-spreading-half-strength: teenagers. The room is a taboo for parents, the only annoying anyway. But that the whole works the other way round and they rob the parents of their last nerve, the children are usually not aware.

When Mother dares to take a look into the nursery, she often meets the blow: a smelly smell hangs in the air, dirty socks are framed by dirty underwear and the dishes are stacked under the bed. On the floor you will find the long-forgotten porcelain plate of grandma Ida- but beware, there are far more unpleasant surprises in the room lurking.

This mother would have been happy about the vanished plate believed .. In the portal "Mumsnet" she tells of her incredible experiences:

" Yes, I know that he is able to clean his own room, but today my son (13) was traveling for a day and I was waiting for the visit to visit my mother in the hospital. So I needed distraction and decided to clean up his room. He usually does his own laundry every Saturday and cleans all the trash, but since he was already gone by 9am, he did not have a chance. We have a no-food-in-the-bedroom rule. In addition to the dirty laundry, I found the following:

  • 2 empty bottles of juice
  • 1 empty smoothie
  • 1 empty milkshake container
  • 6 empty cracker boxes,
  • 3 apple stalks
  • Old orange peels
  • Popcorn
  • 2 plastic dishes
  • 2 plastic cups
  • ... and a pringles box full of urine! We have to talk when he comes home! "

The forum entry is now amusing people worldwide and gives us a literally wet-happy insight into life as a mother . Under the post, there is a lively discussion about the reason and origin of the full-spanked PenRings tin, where the toilet is right next to the teenager's room.

Then follows the sudden Aha-moment: "Is he a gamer?", Another mother thinks and together they get to the bottom of the puzzle solution. During a game, the son probably could not get away from the computer. What was to hand? The empty chip can. In need, he simply relieved himself in the pringles box. The mother takes it calmly and thus reveals the key to mother happiness: With a pinch of humor, it is easier to live!

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