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Crochet Pattern Crochet your own bird pendant yourself

Spring messengers for hanging: the sweet bird pendants instantly spread a good mood
Photo: deco & style

Here's a beep!

This crochet pattern requires a bit of tact. But do not dare, the cute bird pendants are really worth it.

You need this material for the bird tags:

  • SchachenmayroriginalCatania, 50g each (or leftovers):
  • Orchid (Fb 00222)
  • Orange (Fb 00281)
  • Apple (Fb 00205)
  • Light blue (Fb. 00175)
  • Hyacinth (Fb 00240)
  • each 50 cm Karoband, 6 mm wide, in turquoise, orange and May green
  • Crochet hook 2.5 mm
  • fiberfill
  • 2 dark buttons each for the eyes, 8 mm in diameter

That's how it works:

Knitting tension:

3 round chopsticks with crochet hook 2.5 correspond to about 2.5 cm in height.

Chopsticks rounds:

In rounds, start each round with 2 air meshes, these air meshes are not counted! Crochet the 1st stick in the 1st stick of the preliminary round or in the air mesh ring in the beginning round. At the end of the round, close the round with a sliver stitch in the 1st stick and pass over the meshes of the beginning of the lap.

Chain stitches chain:

Crochet the indicated number of mesh and crochet this chain with a back row of warp-knit stitches, making the last stitch, then crochet a stitch in each stitch. At the end attach the chain stitch chain to the body with a chain stitch.


special abbreviations

Double the stitch = crochet 2 sticks in the same puncture site / stitch of the preliminary round

Triple the stitch = crochet 3 sticks into the same puncture site / stitch of the preliminary round

Colorful birds, color sequence pink-apple-light blue

Start with the bird's body in the middle, crochet 4 small meshes in pink and close with a slit stitch to the ring, then work in circles with chopsticks, each time after each round change the color according to the color sequence, start with 1 round in pink. For the circle of chopsticks work as follows:

1st round in pink Crochet 12 sticks into the ring

2nd round in apple, doubles doubling stitch, 1 triple stitch = 30 sticks

3rd round in light blue, double every 2 stitches = 45 sticks

4th round in pink, doubling every 2nd stitch, ending with 1 stick = 67 sticks

5th round in apple, doubling every 2nd stitch, ending with 1 stick = 100 sticks

Note: The strong increases do not result in a flat circular shape, but a slightly wavy shape.


Cut the thread, pull the thread through the last loop and sew. Sew all remaining threads unless they have been crocheted. Fold the circle in the middle, placing the lap change in the wrap edge. Knit the thread in light blue on a ply edge and crochet both pieces together with one round of warp knit stitches, taking only half of the last loop from both pieces, stuffing the bird body with some filling cotton shortly before the end, then continue to crochet until the end of the circle edge and the body close completely.
Crochet at the end of the row for the 3 tail feathers chain stitch chains of 8, 11 and again 8 stitches in the last stitch.

For the beak about 2.5 cm from the breaking edge, sew the thread in pink and crochet 4 loops of air, then crochet 1 tight stitch into the last but one stitch of air, then into the following stitches one after the other 1 half stick and 1 stick. Fix the beak with a chain stitch on the twill, passing about 2 stitches of the border.

Crochet the thread in apple about midway and crochet 2 chains of 20 stitches. Tie a knot in the end of the necklace.

Crochet 13 small meshes in light blue for the wings, crochet 1 half sticks, 1 stick, 5 double sticks, 2 sticks, 1 half stick and 1 fixed stitch on the loop of mesh in each stitch of the chain. Put the 1st half stick in the 3 Crochet the air mesh counted from the needle, ie pass over the first two stitches. The sheet now complete with a round of tight stitches
crochet, starting the round with an air stitch, work 3 corners in each corner into the same puncture site and close the round with a slit stitch. Cut the thread, pull through the last stitch and sew. 2. Crochet the wings in the same way and then sew one wing on each side of the body, see photo.

For the eyes At the level of the beak sew on a button on both sides of the body. Tie in a hanger about 50 cm in the middle of the circle.

Here you will find the complete manual again as PDF for download!

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