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Instructions for a summery placemat

Photo: Eva Herr

Everything in its place

With this placemat with sewn-in pouch, everything stays in its place and in summer floral prints it is perfect for the garden.

What you need for the placemat:

  • Fabric / fabric cut: 40 x 37 cm Palms Art. No. PWKM003-8PURP, 15 x 22 cm Texture Art. No. PWKM008-8PURP, 14 X 37 cm plain material Art. No. CSFSESS-SPLAS All material specifications include seam allowance
  • Additional material: fleece: 35 x 50 cm volume fleece280 (Freudenberg)
  • Other: Matching Coats Cotton sewing thread, 185 cm purple binding tape from Milward 15 mm wide, scissors, measuring tape, ruler

And that's how easy it is:

1. Knock in the outer edge of the cutlery bag 2 cm twice and stitch with Coats Cotton 1.8 cm. Then place on the narrow strip and sew on narrow edges (except above).

2. Place the flowery piece of fabric against it and sew right to right together.

3. Place the front side on the back in between to place the volume fleece. According to the sketch, stitch the flowery surface with lockstitches. First from corner to corner over cross, then complete the stitching lines. First in one direction with each 6cm distance to each other and then into the other.

4. In the seam shadow, stitch the fabric layers according to the sketch. Cut the cutlery three-thirds and quilt twice.

5. Edge the placemat with the bias binding. To do this, open the bias binding and sew it on the front at the edge of the placemat. Put a fold in the corners at right angles.

6. Then beat the bias tape back. Due to the folds at the corners, the bias binding can be placed nicely around the corners. Then attach with pins and gabsteppen on the front of the bias tape schmalkanti.

The complete instructions for download can be found here!