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Incredible experiment: Who helps a freezing boy?

Nobody helps the freezing boy at the roadside. Except one.
Photo: Screenshot / OckTV
  1. Look instead of avert
  2. Nobody helps the freezing boy. Or is it?
  3. The incredible result

Look instead of avert

A boy freezes on the street at minus temperatures. But nobody helps. Or is it? The incredible experiment makes you think!

It is the deepest winter. The people are wrapped in thick winter coats, scarf and hat. At -15 degrees only help several layers of clothing to protect themselves from the cold. But a boy stands out from the crowd. He stands by the side of the road wearing a torn T-shirt. In the trembling hand, the obviously homeless man holds a cup, on a sign he quietly asks for donations.

But people are passing by. It's not that they do not see him, but that they do not want to see him. With packed shopping bags everyone goes his own way, too busy with himself as to take care of his fellow man.

Nobody helps the freezing boy. Or is it?

Sometimes a glimmer of hope comes up. People stop, hesitantly look at the freezing boy and continue on their way. Finally, the cold wins. The homeless boy huddles in a garbage bag on the ground, his body trembles.

Watching the scenario as a powerless spectator makes you uneasy. Why does not the boy help? The all-clear : It's an experiment, an actor stands by the side of the road. But this fact does not make the situation any better, because the passersby do not suspect it.

The incredible result

While the ignorant behavior of passers-by reinforces the uncomfortable feeling of watching, in the end, an unexpected twist leads to hope. The incredible end of the experiment makes you think. Because most people keep going their way, while a man sticks out of the crowd. It is the only person who looks out instead. And it is a homeless person.

The man does not shrink back - he immediately sits down to the freezing boy on the floor. Although he hardly owns anything, he takes off his jacket. But that's not all, he also gives the boy something to eat and hugs him sympathetically. The scene is heartbreaking.