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Attention! Hot and sharp: Thorben G rtner

Men's Special: Thorben Gärtner

Strong canvas heroes, cool musicians, exciting artists: 15 "‰ men sweeten the New Year. This time: Thorben Gärtner.

Thorben gardener
Photo: John Smedley

"Personality counts"

From Frisian Zetel to New York, from banker to top model: Thorben Gärtner's life changed radically when he rose in 2013 to swimwear model of Calvin Klein. Next he advertises the fragrance of the label "Euphoria".

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JOY: How were you discovered?

Thorben Gärtner: My German agency has become aware of me via Facebook. After a meeting I soon had my first job at the Spring / Summer 2013 Show in Milan.

What exactly does the fashion industry appreciate about you?

Personality plays a bigger role than you think. A customer of mine likes that I am human and not detached. I do not need anyone who gives me my water, I can get that for myself.

Where can you find them when you are at home in Zetel?

Here I am with my girlfriend and friends, drive to the Jade Bay to Dangast.

Do men's models pay attention to every gram?

No. We should only try to stay as we have been discovered. Doing a lot of sports and eating healthy is the most important thing.

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