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Attention: Dangerous Trojan will be sent via SMS

Photo: LKA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Call to all smartphone and Android users!

Take care when receiving an SMS from an unknown sender. Behind it could hide criminals who send a Trojan.

First a virus was transmitted via Facebook. Now a criminal group sends a dangerous Trojan via SMS. The virus is already making its way through Germany.

To all smartphone owners and Android users: If you receive an SMS from a number unknown to you that also contains a link, it will not open! That could be dangerous.

The message itself is written in bad German and contains the link to an alleged shipment tracking of a DHL package.

Behind the SMS is a group of criminals who are currently trying to get a Trojan in circulation in Germany. If you click on the link in the message, you will be prompted to install an app. This then ensures that various other services and subscriptions are downloaded. These, of course, cost quite a bit of money.

Danger also exists for all people who are stored in the phone book of the affected smartphone. Your contact details can be read and used to send the Trojan SMS.

The state criminal police Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LKA) is already looking for the perpetrators. The investigation of the case is difficult, however, because the perpetrators can sit anywhere in the world. Such a virus can eventually access from anywhere.

How do I behave when I receive the SMS:

1. Under no circumstances click on the link!

2. Display the case.

3. The damage may be limited when the smartphone is turned off. The battery should also be removed.