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Contraction? 16 reasons to wait

Converging adventures! The first shared apartment: a test for great feelings. And also for football posters, dogs and cross trainers.
Photo: Matthias Ritzmann / Corbis

Why one should keep two apartments

Immediately contract and share everything? Some couples live differently today, consciously at a distance. To stay happy in the long run. Because: loving oneself is one thing. Living together, something else! 16 reasons why (for now) you should not contract .

1. One may be undisturbed once a month a grumpy cave monster, without anyone takes damage.

2. My phone belongs to me!

3. Caring for unnoticed disorder.

4 How am I supposed to surprise him with something I ordered on the Internet if we have the same address?

5. Are there really people who need companionship when pimpling?

6. He would immediately throw away the orchid, which has not been flourishing for five years. And then I would think about what will bloom in five years.

7. It's not fun to dress up for two hours when the other one notices how long it lasts, right?

8. The socks and I have at least a common past.

9. Other people have to leave immediately if they need a change of scenery.

10. "No, Great Aunt Gertrud, no problem at all, you can have the apartment for you at the weekend, and we'll have dinner together in the evening."

11. "You clean so that you find it clean, me so that I find it clean."

12. I have not spent all of my teenage sex time collecting Marvel comics, music magazines, and Star Wars characters to make them mold in the basement.

13.In a fridge there is still something in it.

14. In the summer you can (at least in the city) rent the cheaper apartment overpriced to the Easy jet set.

15. IKEA disputes are for others.

16. Exciting, if you can still ask after four years at the taxi rank: "To you or to me?"

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