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7 signs that you need new underwear

There are moments in a woman's life, it just needs new lingerie!
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When we women should buy new lingerie

There are moments in a woman's life when we just need new underwear. When should we treat ourselves to new lingerie ...

Lingerie can be beautiful - seductive, wicked, exciting. But if we women are honest, then we all have a few parts in our closet that nobody should see anymore. We've collected seven unmistakable signs that it's time to buy new underwear .

1 | Your panties have these unsightly pulling threads. And lint rubs. Sure, you can also use the lazy shaver on the briefs, but they will not look that much better afterwards. Slips simply survive only a limited number of washes and days under rubbing drüber fabrics. And feel sexy with a panty that you have worked with the lazy shaver? Rather difficult, right?

2 | Whether slip or bra, everything shimmers slightly greyish. Is still possible? When did your husband last say while undressing: "Wow, you have a mega-hot wash on!" A while ago? May I help you. Wow is only available with radiant laundry ...

3 | WOW: Unfortunately, the surprise effect is limited. Either the lingerie is new or you have so many that you can alternate quite often. Anyway, it always needs new or long not seen, so he can still look forward to your lingerie.

4 | Red, red, red are all my clothes .... Do you have a preference for a particular color in lingerie? And can you not see them anymore? Treat yourself to something new! Blue, gold, glitter - there are far too many great colors and embellishments to always stay known and proven.

5 | Variety is not only beautiful for him. For us it is also great to wear fabulous new clothes from time to time. Even if nobody sees us outside, it makes us feel better. So we get a great charisma - which in turn can attract nice people. So, if you look in the closet and just think, "Oh no, I had it on, I do not like it anymore, way too wet ..." Then go ahead and invest in yourself.

6 | The stuff does not fit anymore. Bruise, spring or slacker. No matter what sign, if you discover one of them, please act immediately. Such laundry is far too uncomfortable to accompany us every day. And unattractive with the same.

7 | The check marks are broken. If the closures are jammed or broken, that annoys and often this uncertainty comes over the day: Does that last? If not, it will be quite embarrassing. And if he does not get undressed while undressing, because the hook does not want to break loose, at worst it destroys all romance.

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