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How to Wear the White T-Shirt

The one & only, the white T-shirt: our selection
Photo: Navabi

The classic as a win for the wardrobe

It's classic, but not a bit stuffy and a fashionable evergreen: the white shirt. Always a win for your wardrobe.

The investment piece works trendy-casual in your daytime outfit when paired with an old friend, denim, and at the same time key pieces like coats, parkas and loose pants.

Even in the office makes the white shirt in a duo with serious companions a good figure. True to the motto: competent combined.

Simple but effective and with the wisdom of many years of fashion experience, it brings calm in outfits with eye catcher parts and leaves them on the stage.

And last but not least, the white shirt in evening looks in the truest sense of the word in the team s (S) pitze!


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