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Will WhatsApp and Facebook be "merged"?

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WhatsApp offers an "improved Facebook experience". What does that mean?

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp . Since then there have not been any major changes for the user. But that might change soon.

Some users are already testing the new beta version of WhatsApp for Android phones. Beta version means that WhatsApp develops a new version of itself and first users, who do not work for WhatsApp, are allowed to test it, in order to make the company aware of errors and change requests. This is a common practice in software development.

The testers of this beta version have now come up against a change: In the privacy settings of WhatsApp there is suddenly a feature to merge account data with Facebook. What this is exactly, is not there. It's just something of an "improved Facebook experience . "

The technology blogger Cashy published screenshots of it. But what does that mean?

WhatsApp has just announced that it will be free now. Does it value our WhatsApp data to show us personalized advertising on Facebook? Or can we chat with our WhatsApp contacts on Facebook soon, as a kind of WhatsApp web replacement?

We are curious what these changes will be. And once again refer to the WhatsApp alternatives without any commitment ...