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Marc Bator & his Hellen: "We too must fight for our luck!"

Most Germans will know Marc Bator (39) from the "Tagesschau". But hardly anyone knows something private about the charming presenter.

Marc Bator (39) & his Hellenes (41)
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Marc Bator spoke to THE NEW LEAF about marriage to Hellen (41) ...

On the 13th of September you will play in the ARD in "Das fantastische Quiz des Menschen". Are you afraid? No. It's a challenge, and I'm aware that I can fail. I hope I answer the questions well. I had a sixth in biology. Best conditions for a medical quiz (laughs) .

Then a question that you can easily answer: Did you marry the right woman? Yes! Hellen is like winning the lottery. Our marriage works well and we love each other very much.

What makes your wife so special? We are a great team. On the one hand, we are a bit contradictory. That's the tension in a marriage . On the other hand, we are very similar again. We also take regular breaks from the family .

What will they do then? Fridays z. For example, we play tennis together. Almost 100% of the first few years are only available to small children. That also gnaws at a marriage. One must not forget that one is not only parents, but also a couple.

True, many marriages fail. Occasionally I ask myself the question of conscience: am I looking forward to my wife when I get home? Yes! If one day I answer "No", the relationship is in crisis. Then you have to ask yourself: What can I do? Or is the last resort a separation? A marriage is hard work, and we too must fight for our happiness.

Have you ever had a serious crisis? Well ... (considered) . It goes up and down. But you also have to look at what you have achieved by then. It would be a shame to throw it all away. You also have to be able to withstand crises. Even if you think: That's it now! Because after some time it will be up again, and maybe even more beautiful than ever.