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If adoption does not bring happiness

Watching the other kids get a new family would be terrible ...
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The adoption: When parents have to say goodbye

The parents of the two little ones are still alive, but they have AIDS. Therefore, they decide to release their children for adoption. A difficult parting and beginning - for everyone

"I have breastfed her, I want to hear the truth!" A mother is angry and desperate. Your children are gone. Much more lost than she had ever expected. She released her daughter and son for adoption because she could not think of another solution. Because she and the father of the children have AIDS. The future for the family, to which other siblings listen, was too uncertain. But now she has not heard from the two adoptive children for so long, although she had been promised something different.

A Danish filmmaker tells us this true story about "The Adoption". Of two parents on the verge of despair - and beyond. Some consume information about their children and do not hear from them for years.

The others, the new Danish parents of the little ones are fighting. With the anger of the adopted children. Especially the daughter Masho is desperate and angry that her birth parents have sent her away. Instead of everyday life and harmony permanent overtaxing. "I'll tell you something, sweetheart, another wind is blowing here, " the Danish adoptive mother threatens after hours of the little ones, as those in the hotel room do not know where to pepper with their pain and all sorts of things through the area.

It would probably be bad enough watching your own children from afar as they settle into another family. But not even that works. The biological parents try in vain in Ethiopia to learn something about the condition of their children: "The other parents have abandoned us. They turned our backs on us. "

Even in Denmark, the situation for the new "family" does not relax a bit: "It's no fun. One only wonders: How long can I take that?" And: "It's like pulling a rivet."

It is unbelievable how much everything can go wrong, even if everyone wants to do everything right.

According to the documentation in Denmark, even the rules for adoptions changed: Instead of two private agencies may now only mediate the state

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