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Video: Little dancer makes the world laugh

Anyone who sees the sweet dance performance of this little dance artist, can not help but smile and at least rhythmically join in.

And one and two and one two three four ...

Photo: YouTube / Coyote And Crow

This cute magic mouse has obviously found the rhythm and does not want to give it away anymore. With her contribution to a New York subway station, the little girl not only puts the passersby around in a good mood, but is also a magnet for people all over the world.

The two-minute video currently has over 5.8 million clicks on YouTube - and certainly not without good reason.

The sweet little girl's enthusiasm, which suddenly begins to dance to the music of New York cover band Coyote & Crow, is contagious. Moments later, adult passers-by join in and dance happily in the subway station.

Sometimes it's the little things that can move people around the world. Good mood? Then this video is definitely the right way to do it.