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PETA USA reveals animal scandal: millions of sheep tortured for wool


The industry of animal cruelty

PETA USA has looked at the wool industry. The result is a staggering animal scandal in which millions of sheep are tortured to death for their wool.

Up to eight million sheep are shorn each year in the US and Australia. Their wool is a coveted commodity - so much in demand that the animals have now become pure products. PETA USA investigators have invaded undercuts in barns and have documented disturbing conditions via video.

Australia is the world's largest wool exporter. There you should know how to deal with the sheep - you might think. The research in 19 stalls reveals the shocking opposite: animals are tortured, thrown around and kicked. From their orifices swells the blood, from medical care or the smallest care for the sheep is no trace. They serve as pure wool suppliers. Scherer does not seem to care that these are sentient beings that brutally mistreat them.

The workers on the farms are usually paid not for hours, but for shorn sheep - a fact that does not justify the handling of the animals, but explains. In addition, the clerks seem to have lost all humanity in their job. Bad jokes about the suffering of the sheep give the impression that the torture even seems to make the workers fun. The states border on perversion. Tortured sheep are carelessly thrown aside . How one person can treat another being in this repulsive way is incomprehensible.

The images cause disgust, which becomes even greater when it becomes clear that this is not a pure deterrence video, but reality. The animal scandal goes beyond the borders of Australia.

In the USA, PETA USA covers at least as distressing conditions in 14 stables - all of which show the same, terrible pictures. The suffering of the animals is disregarded. So that the sheep can not defend themselves in addition, they are denied water and food before the shearing. Should the shearer encounter resistance, the sheep will continue to be tormented. It is trampled on heads and necks of the sheep, the wool is soaked in blood.

Whether they survive the Schurprozedur alive or die, the workers do not seem to care. The only thing that matters is the goods. If you look at this video, you will think twice during your next purchase if you really want to and should be able to carry the wool you have just washed from the sheep's blood.

PETA Germany is now calling for a petition to be signed: "To Karstadt, Ralph Lauren and Breuninger: Please sell animal-friendly materials instead of wool." 749 signatures have already been collected.