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Juan Carlos: The idyll in Mallorca is clouded

Juan Carlos will welcome only a few of his family members for the annual Majorca holiday.
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Crisis mood instead of family vacation

When Spain's royal family starts its annual family holiday in Mallorca, it can no longer be concealed: there is a rift through the Bourbons. The idyll is clouded. The circle of royals who relax in Mallorca is getting smaller.

That Jaime Marichalar (49), the divorced husband of Princess Elena (48), is in the summer castle Marivent Persona non grata, is known. He and Elena have separated in the bad. Since both son Froilan (13) shot his father's foot during a weekend, the fronts have hardened.

The Infanta is horrified because her ex carelessly let the boy handle a gun. She herself is again with both children in Mallorca. If Froilan then again can run around painless, you will see. Recently, he was still walking around with a special bandage.

According to media reports, Mallorca's palace ban also applies to IƱaki Urdangarin (44), the husband of Princess Cristina (47). It is said that King Juan Carlos does not want to see his son-in-law for the time being after his financial scandal. However, this has meant that Cristina should have canceled her Mallorca trip. As you can hear, she bravely holds to her husband and sends therefore only the four children on the sun island to the grandparents.

Felipe (44), Letizia (39) and her two girls are not affected by these family turmoil. As usual, you will spend your holidays in Marivent Palace with sailing, excursions, shopping and photo shoot.