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Video: Dog heaps baby with toy

Photo: YouTube / CharlieDaDog

A simple apology would have been enough ...

When he realizes that he has made the baby cry, this dog wants to make up for his mistake. What he does, we would not have believed him.

That babies and dogs get along well, we were able to get an idea in many videos. Sometimes, however, the house blessing is wrong. Like in the video that you can see below.

There the sweet Beagle Charlie actually dares to steal the only a few months old baby 's favorite toy. The logical consequence: The little one starts to cry . That's not even possible with Charlie. He realizes that he has made a mistake and wants to calm the little screamer.

For this purpose, the dog gets all the toys he can find and places them in the reclining seat of the baby. Charlie literally overflows with toys to calm his guilty conscience. And indeed: The baby gives rest and does not resent the dog's misstep any longer.