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Am I the dog or cat guy?

The time has come: A pet should move in with you. Best a dog!

Or rather a cuddle cat?

The time has come: A pet should move in with you. Best a dog! Or rather a cuddle cat? The two animals are very different. Therefore, future mum and dad should think well, which better fits their own character and in the usual everyday life. This checklist helps: Are you fit enough for a dog?

Investigations show: Going for a walk in any weather keeps you completely healthy. However, you also have to have that time - and be up and running enough for so much exercise. Depending on the size of the animal, one is busy at least two hours a day. What many people forget: dogs can live up to 18 years. Be honest with yourself: Will you be able to look after your new friend for so long? Or do you know someone who will definitely help you? Can you be strict? No puppy is born perfect.

To make life easier for the animal and its fellow human beings, you must train it consistently. If you have never had a dog, you should get professional support in the dog school. Do you have enough space? Your apartment or house should be nice and spacious. Perfect is of course a garden in which the dog can frolic to his heart's content. Can you afford a dog? The food for the dog costs at least € 30 per month - larger breeds often eat for € 150. In addition come - in addition to leash, toys, etc. - dog tax and veterinary visits. Are you ready for a (further) child? A dog is a full family member and longs for his family / man. He should never be left alone for long - not even on vacation. For that you get a loyal friend. Does not anyone have a cat allergy? In itself a self-evident question, but it is actually in hindsight often a problem: Is sure that no roommate has a cat allergy? Can you offer enough tension? It is nice if the Stubentiger can safely go outside. If you only keep your cat in the apartment, you should buy two animals - and lots of toys. Then cats will be fine if you are away from home during the day. In the evening you should plan but then 30 minutes.

Do you have little space? Cats are more frugal than a dog in terms of space. The rule of thumb: A cat can be kept per room. How much money can you spend? Cats are cheaper to maintain than a dog. Veterinary bills can drive up the costs. Young cats need vaccinations, which cost on average 100 euros (refreshments of 30 euros). Older animals tend to be sick, so the costs increase over the years. Are you a patient guy? A cat can be idiosyncratic and only lets itself be cuddled if she feels like it. Be patient: then she is usually very nice. Do you have a holiday replacement? Hardly a cat feels comfortable in a strange environment, you better leave it at home. But before purchasing, be sure to find out if there is someone who would be willing to keep watch. Also in the holiday season.