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Video: Women see their vagina for the first time!

You can see the relief.

Crazy Experimant

A prudish education, a strict belief, a traumatic experience or simply shame: there are women who have never seen their vagina !

YouTube star Davey Wavey has gone in search of such women - and launched a call. Five brave women then contacted him for an interesting experiment. They were to see their genitals for the first time, with a camera pointing at them. Do not worry, the ladies did not have to strip! The whole thing was opaque, behind a red curtain. Only their reactions were captured on film. And they are just delicious!

"What have I done with my head all these years?" A woman asks in astonishment. "My vagina looks quite normal!" Another girl hardly gets a laugh: "She looks funny!", She says, " Everyone is taking a break from their hearts." One thing succinctly states: "That gives you self-confidence. Now I feel even better in my body ... "

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