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Swab in copper: simply decorate the cushion cover

A few swabs in copper and this pillowcase is unique!
Photo: deco & style

To the point!

Copper-colored home accessories are very much in vogue. With acrylic paint, we simply decorate this simple cushion cover - the result is simply magical!

You need this for the pillow:

  • Cushion cover 40 x 40 cm in white (Galeria Kaufhof, Galeria home, percale, set of 2, 9, 95 €)
  • Cushion Cover 40 x 40 cm in Gray (Galeria Kaufhof, Galeria home, Satin, Set of 2, € 11.95)
  • solid cardboard to underlay, about 40 x 40 cm
  • Acrylic paint in silver
  • Acrylic paint in copper
  • Stupfpinsel in 2 sizes (3 cm and 1.5 cm)
  • saucer

And that's how easy it is:

1. In the pillow case, slide the cut cardboard so that the paint does not sag.

2. Arcylfarbe in the desired color on a saucer o. Ä. give.

3. Pick up the paint with the Stupfpinsel the desired size and dab on the front of the pad. Turn lightly so that the paint spreads evenly.

4. Repeat the process so often that a coherent overall picture is created.

5. Let paint dry well, remove the cardboard.

6. Wash out the stucco brush well.