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How mobile-addicted are you? This app knows the answer

"No cell phone, how does that work?" - If you ask yourself that, try the App Checky.
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The app Checky recognizes every smartphone junkie immediately

Just relax? Hardly goes today. How addicted you are to your smartphone, the new App Checky introduces you impressively. But beware: the result could scare you!

A life without a smartphone is simply unimaginable for many of us. The price for it: Somehow we all feel incredibly stressed out of it. Compulsively check emails every half hour, as well as the Facebook apps and Instagram apps on the phone. And ask us if the thing is broken, if the inbox is empty and nothing blinks and beeps - or if our digital friends have forgotten us.

Psychologists say modern communication can be addictive. Because a stone-age reflex is triggered as soon as a new SMS pops up on the phone. Cavemen had to respond to any news in the environment at lightning speed to avert danger. That is why our brain - still - leaps a dose of the hormone dopamine on every message. And that turns us into smartphone junkies .

Some people know this stress more than others. Which group do you belong to? That's what the App "Checky" tells you. It counts how many times the smartphone was put into operation during the day. Just a quick look if there is something new? Yes, that counts!

At the end of the day, Checky provides a detailed breakdown of smartphone behavior, showing not only how many times, but also where you were when you clicked on the phone. About while eating, in bed or having coffee with your best friend. And honestly, when you see the sum on the display, you can be scared of your own cell phone addiction .

Anyone who is particularly proud of their check-in number - or on the contrary and wants the friends to save one from the second display check in the future - can share his "score" from the app on Facebook or Twitter. Or completely private via SMS. But watch out, that counts again!

The App Checky is available for iPhone and Android .