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Anti-aging nail polish: Is this really necessary?

When does the anti-aging trend go too far?

This nail polish should keep the nails young
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Maybe if the first company brings an anti-aging nail polish on the market? The company Dermelect now sells an anti-aging nail polish. Who says now: "Such a nonsense!", Which should read at least the next paragraph.

The anti-aging ingredient peptide was first combined with a colored nail polish. The peptide is extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep. "Peptides signal cells to start the skin's natural regeneration process, and the material is very similar to our bones and nails, and therefore so effective, " said Dermelect President Amos Lavian.

On the nails this ensures that bumps are compensated, the nail becomes more elastic and can store moisture better. But the nail polish can do even more: they protect against UV light after application.

They belong to a new group of cosmetics called cosmeceuticals . They are a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products (Cosmetics + Pharmaceuticals).

The nail polishes of Dermelect are available in six shades and for about 11 euros the piece. Online can order here with the paints: www.dermelect.com.