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So everyone will find the perfect jeans

What is the right size? And: jeans stretch when wearing? Many such questions complicate the purchase of jeans - so far. Because we deliver the right answers.
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  1. Looking for perfect jeans? These shopping tips will help
  2. How to find the right jeans size
  3. How to find the right cut for your figure
  4. Jeans without spandex bulge faster
  5. This denim wash particularly flatters the figure
  6. And this cut makes the butt look very crisp

Looking for perfect jeans? These shopping tips will help

To discover a pair of jeans, to emphasize the curves, but to hide too much of the puff, which does not pinch anywhere and makes a great figure, this stroke of luck is within reach: with these shopping tips.

How to find the right jeans size

It really happens that one fits with a pair of jeans in size 28, with another hardly in size 30. How can one find out which size is the right one? Important to know: The dimensions of a jeans do not decide on the right fit - but the material composition and the type of washing. Therefore, even renowned manufacturers can not guarantee that a model will always be the same size in different washes. If you only look at the look, you can be wrong: Elastic material mixes often look smaller, because the fabric is stretchable. Jeans made of pure cotton, on the other hand, look rather big. The most important rule when buying jeans is: always try on the pants! So far, a real insider tip among denim fans: The tailor-made jeans by the Swiss label Selfnation . Simply take measurements, select and order cut and color. Production is sustainable in Switzerland and Germany. Short ways, fast delivery: After 10 days, the custom-made jeans are already there. Price depending on the model from about 180 euros.

How to find the right cut for your figure

Skinny jeans are ideal for slim women. You can do too much with a few puffs - but then you have to combine high heels or longer, additional tops to stretch the silhouette. The classic bootcut jeans conceal strong thighs . With narrow hips and a narrow waist, as already mentioned, jeans with high waist are great because they visually extend the leg. Those who have short legs should not wear boyfriend jeans. Generally important for the perfect jeans : always pay attention to color and washing! Dark jeans make the leg look slimmer .

Jeans without spandex bulge faster

The jeans are perfect in the locker room - as soon as you've worn them for a couple of hours, it's shaking on your knees. Sure: Should a jeans sit tight, an elastane content is indispensable. Pure cotton jeans buckle much more often, they deform when worn, and never look like they did when they first started. Most denims therefore contain a few percent elastane. Also important: so that jeans stay in shape in the long term, they must not be washed too hot . And you should definitely pull it to the left before washing and if possible, do not use a dryer. This extends the lifetime of your favorite pants!

This denim wash particularly flatters the figure

Dark blue jeans with a light washout on the thigh. One should have every woman in the closet. And a dark blue denim without washes, a classic that you can wear in the office.

And this cut makes the butt look very crisp

In this cheating it does not depend on the jeans cut, but on the arrangement of buttocks and seams . The buttocks should not be too far away from the middle seam. And the distance to the outer seam must not be too big - the size of the bag ultimately results from these distances. And that should rather be a little too big than too small, to make the butt appear optically smaller. Incidentally, the course of the seam over the back pockets also plays an important role. Basically, the sharper the upper seam tapers towards the middle, the more plastic the effect. If you have low bottom, you can do a little magic with this trick.

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