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Reclaim the sofa and cushions

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New look

Relocate the sofa and cushions: That's how it's done

  • Cover and cushion fabrics
  • batting
  • Filling cotton or pillow-inlets
  • sealing strip
  • stapler

Sofas are the easiest way to relate to individual upholstery cushions. So that the color and structure of the old cover does not stand out, cover the upholstery with fleece. Measure the upholstery, cut the fleece accordingly, place it around the pad and sew it by hand. Only then do you get the upholstery with the white fabric.

Important: When buying, make sure that it is a durable fabric .

Free-standing elements such as the backrest and the frame must be stretched tightly with appropriately cut fabric - working best with a stapler.

For the pillowcases, cut two fabric rectangles (eg 40 x 70 cm plus seam allowance). Fix a white piping all around on a right side of the fabric along the seam line with needles (the piping must lie inwards). Then stitch with the machine. Now stitch together both fabric rights right to right, leaving an opening. Turn the envelope over, fill it with cotton wool or a pillow liner and close the rest of the seam by hand.

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