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Insider tip for brides: caviar gauche wedding dresses for 100 euros!

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The first Secret Bridal Sale by designer label Kaviar Gauche

You dream of a designer wedding dress? Then we have a hot tip: The Berlin label Kaviar Gauche organizes the first exclusive Secret Bridal Sale. And sells his wedding dresses from 100 euros! Where? When? Learn more.

Wedding dresses by fashion label Kaviar Gauche look as precious as their name suggests. Thanks to the first exclusive Secret Bridal Sales, they are still allowed on the wish list. For the first time, the Berlin design duo is organizing a wedding dress sales. Only for four days, only in Berlin.

But the journey is worth it: unique items, second-season products and press samples of the Kaviar Gauche Bridal Couture line are sold starting at just 100 euros (!). There is also a wide selection of bags and shoes as well as colored dresses and accessories for the wedding party. Everything for a fraction of the original price.

You can choose a Kaviar Gauche bridal gown at your ease in the gallery upstairs, but it will not be the same at the Secret Bridal Sale, but we can not promise ...

Kaviar Gauche's Secret Bridal Sale will take place from 20 to 24 March 2015 at Torstra├če 56 in Berlin Mitte. Opening hours: 12-19 o'clock.

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