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The brilliant "Twilight" finale

Movie Review: "Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 2"

Eroticism, thirst for blood and a shocking ending: "Breaking Dawn - End of Night Part 2", the finale of the "Twilight" saga, says goodbye with a brilliant bang. We reveal why the visit is really worthwhile.

So is "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2"
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  1. Sensual vampire lady Bella
  2. "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" - surprising final

We've been waiting for this transformation for five "Twilight" movies: Bella (Kristen Stewart) is finally a vampire! The love story between the shy girl Bella Swan and the mysterious vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is in its peak in "Breaking Dawn - End of Night Part 2" - and it really has it!

Scenes from "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2" you can see in the gallery (15 pictures).

We remember: at the end of the first big final part, Edward had to turn his wife Bella into a vampire because the birth of their daughter Renesmee had fatally weakened Bella. So now Bella's great desire to become a bloodsucker has come true. And the transformation is considerable. The beautiful vampire Bella discovers his new senses in amazement and, in the first few hours of the new existence, is ready to satisfy the two most important needs: chase and - of course, vampire sex! As sensual as in this love scene we have never seen Bella and Edward. Hot!

Sensual vampire lady Bella

But Bella's mother instinct awakens - at the first meeting with her extraordinary daughter Renesmee (which is still computer-animated at the beginning and later played by the enchanting Mackenzie Foy) is also werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) here. He confesses that he has coined / shaped on Renesmee - which means that both are intended for each other. It's understandable that Bella is not very pleased with this news and that she can test her new powers on Jacob, much to the delight of the Cullen family and the audience.

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn" - surprising final

While the small family grows together more and more, but evil is approaching: The Volturi learn from Renesmee and want the death of the little ones. When the Cullens learn of the plan, they gather friends and supporters around themselves to protect themselves against the onslaught of their enemies. But when the final fight breaks out, things get dramatic. The end with many dead is shocking, unlike in the original book - and ends so surprisingly that it may drive some spectators tears in the eye.

The most beautiful robes of the "Breaking Dawn Part 2" premiere are available in the gallery (21 pictures).

So whether the visit to the cinema is worthwhile? The JOY online verdict is clear: Absolutely! Finally, Kristen Stewart as a vampire is allowed to show a little more emotions and play as many action scenes as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Discovering her new abilities is full of charm and irony. The grand finale scenes, the very emotional ending and last but not least the perfectly selected soundtrack make "Twilight: Breaking Dawn: End of Night Part 2" a very entertaining movie. Fans of the great love story between Edward and Bella will most certainly come out of the movie theaters with great satisfaction - and stealthily brush away little tears of emotion.

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