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This is the most popular emoticon of 2014

Many messages even come out today without words ... well, why are there emojis!
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These pictures were posted on Twitter the most

Kisses, hearts or thumbs up - all the little icons are an integral part of our daily communication. But what is the most popular emoticon 2014? Tadaa ... here are the top emojis of the year.

We love emojis ! The small SMS accessories, with which you can tease the message a bit, are from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Co. indispensable. We are only too happy to decorate our posts with lucky clover, little hearts or a cute little monkey, who keeps his eyes closed (this emoticon does not make any sense, it does not matter, it's a cute little monkey who covers his eyes !!!)

And what about the world? Heart-Eyes-Smiley, thumbs up or the smirking heap: Which of the emojis is the racer among the mini-pictures? New York journalist Matthew Rothenberg has programmed an algorithm to get to the bottom of this very question. The idea: all emojis posted on Twitter are counted in real time. The American online magazine "Fivethirtyeight" has created from the data a list of the top 100 emoticons of the year.

With over 342 million tweets at # 1 of the most popular emoticons 2014 : The heart card. Um ... we have never sent. Well-known then the smileys appear a few places below. The tear-laughing, the kisses distributor or the big red heart - caught, we send as good as daily! But they are also great - or, to say the same with Scott E. Fahlman, the inventor of emoticons 30 years ago :-)

Here are the top 15 most popular emoticons of the year:

Source: The entire top 100 list is here .

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