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Creepy: man has alive cricket in his ear

Photo: YouTube / LiveLeak

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It all started with earache. But surely this man would not have expected that a living cricket has settled in his ear.

Most often, middle ear infection is the reason our ears hurt. But with a man in India, something else was the reason for his pain.

A doctor at the South Zone Ent Research Center in Villupuram realizes what really is the reason for the strange feeling in the ear. He finds in the auditory canal of the man a living insect . This defends only lazily against being removed. But in the end, the doctor manages to free the man from his pain and pull the animal out of his ear. The insect measures about seven inches, which biologists could identify as an Indian house cricket after the video was published online.

As an expert told the Daily Star, these animals are now found in various countries. The animal will probably have entered the man's ear while he was sleeping. It's scary, what can happen when we sleep silly in front of us.

The cricket will probably have caused no permanent damage in the ear. But it should be clear that the male patient, whose name is not known, does not want to do such an experience again. An animal of this size is very likely to have caused severe pain .

As the attending physician filmed the entire operation, the strange case is now going around the world. Just like the video of a maggot removal that last taught us the scary . Also, this clip is definitely not for the faint-hearted, the insects are not particularly cute.

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