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DSDS: Does Menowin have children with his cousin?

More than love between Menowin and Sabrina

Menowin Happy

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Now it's out - DSDS star Menowin and his ex-girlfriend Sabrina not only have three children in common, they are also related! In an interview, Menowin admitted that his father and Sabrina's father are half-brothers. "Yes, Sabrina and I have the same grandpa. But our fathers have lost sight of each other. "Menowin confessed to BILD. The singer and his cousin were only able to get to know each other through Menowin's participation in DSDS 2005. At that time Sabrina saw him on TV and made contact with the 22-year-old. During his imprisonment, she wrote countless letters to him and the two fell in love. In 2006, Menowin escaped from custody for Sabrina and did not hesitate: not long after the first meeting, her son Joel was conceived. "We were in love. That we are related was not a problem. We are not brothers and sisters and did not grow up as a family. ", Menowin said. He is right, of course. After all, a relationship between a cousin and a cousin in Germany is not punishable. Quite unusual is the relationship between Menowin and Sabrina but already. It just remains to be seen how many more "cousins" will report to him after Menowin's appearance this year ...