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Up and away!

Once around the world

Four continents in 14 days: the great adventure world trip can now be fulfilled more easily than ever before - thanks to extremely favorable airline offers.

"You want to make a world tour?" Friends, family and colleagues thought I was crazy - and unanimously agreed that I was traveling for at least a year and then guaranteed bankruptcy.

Even my well-traveled Italian father-in-law Zeno looked worried: "Mamma mia, so far, the foreign languages, the Dschatäläg!" And his biggest concern: "Where will you get good pasta?" All unnecessary: ​​Jet lag was not an issue, because I always flew west, so over time. In all countries visited one speaks English. The flight cost with 1.555 € no fortune - and pasta was also, very delicious for example in Hong Kong. But one after anonther.


los Angeles



Hong Kong