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Potholders made of old jeans

  • For 2 potholders:
  • Denim (haberdashery) or old jeans
  • Check Fabric in Blue (Haberdashery)
  • Bauschvlieseline 21 x 42 cm (haberdashery)
  • Sewing thread in white (haberdashery)
  • Steel pins without head (haberdashery)
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine

1. 2 jeans squares of approx.

Cut 20 x 20 cm.

2. For the back of the potholders, cut the check fabric into 24 x 24 cm each.

3. Place the Bauschvlieseline between the front and back of the potholder (the right side of the fabric is on the outside) and put them together.

4. Sew the potholders diagonally at 3 cm intervals. Turn potholders 90 °, stitch again at 3 cm intervals to create a checked pattern from the seams.

5. Turn over the edge twice to the front and fix it all the way round (insert pins vertically), then stitch tight-edged.

6. Cut 2 strips of approx. 3 cm x 20 cm from the check fabric. Place the long edges in the break (halve) and halve the strip again.

7. Place the self-made tiebacks to the loop, pinning them to one corner of the potholder and sewing them tight.