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Ben Stiller's secret of a good marriage: laughter

Humor keeps the relationship of Ben Stiller healthy

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Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor / ┬ę

The secret of a successful marriage? No, not the six pack or sex appeal. Really important is the right humor that at least says Ben Stiller. Well, we have never put the comedian in the sex god division, but he was always good for a good laugh. That fits. His wife Christine Tylor is the humor of her husband definitely more important than thick muscles and at home, the two Schepps laugh ├╝bereinander.Der 44-year-old is pleased that his wife has the same sense of humor and he always arrives with his sayings well. On the other hand, she helps him not to take life too seriously: "Sometimes Christine smiles over things that pull me down and that causes me to see everything easier. I used to be an awesome workaholic, but now I'm really happy at home. For the first time, I start to feel grown-up, "says Stiller. Soon he will be more serious on the screen to see: In Greenberg Ben Stiller mimics a man who thinks about his life. The next laugh-attack for the audience but the comedian is already in the starting blocks. "I have been working on the continuation of Zoolander for a long time. I wanted to make sure that the second part is as funny as the first, "explains the Hollywood star. His wife certainly helps him at home in choosing the best jokes. From the Lach team Stiller and Tylor other celebrity couples could certainly learn something. Maybe Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes would have been with each other a little longer with a few funny insoles in the bedroom. It's too late for that now. One can only hope that Ben Stiller's penchant for flamboyance does not get lost so quickly.


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