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Drinking and too much alcohol change the genes irrevocably

A glass too much can have drastic consequences.
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Drinking is even more harmful than expected

That alcohol is not very healthy, we all already knew how dangerous a few glasses can really be too much, but now a new study.

At the University of Missouri, it was discovered that alcohol can change genes forever. This would cause irreversible damage to the liver, the researchers said.

According to the study, binge drinking changes so-called histones in the liver, these proteins organize the DNA strands. Excessive consumption of alcohol, however, changes the way histones read the genetic information - resulting in misinterpretations that can alter the liver and ultimately damage other organs as well.

No nice news, especially considering that this effect does not just kick in when you're constantly drinking shots. In men, the necessary level of alcohol in the blood is already reached when they take 5 or more drinks in two hours, in women from 4 drinks. For the next party you should better keep that in mind.

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