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InstructionsFaltanleitung: How to fold napkins in bunny shape

With us, napkins for Easter come in a very special form on the table: folded as Easter bunny!

Easter come with us napkins in bunny shape on the table
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need:

  • Square Cloth Napkin in Pink
  • Pin, possibly K├Ątzchenzweig

That's how it works:

1. Spread the napkin right side down. Fold lower and upper edge over the center so that the napkin is in thirds. Place one finger in the middle of the top edge and place both halves down to the vertical center.

schritt 1
Photo: Deco & Style

2. Place the right and left lower edges diagonally upwards in the middle edge.

schritt 2
Photo: Deco & Style

3. Lay the now created edges back to the middle edge.

schritt 3
Photo: Deco & Style

4. Fix the edges with a pin so that they do not unfold again.

schritt 4
Photo: Deco & Style

5. Turn the napkin 180 degrees so that the top tip points down. Then turn around. Fold down the lower tip, pluck the napkin and set it up. As desired, decorate with a kitten twig.

schritt 5
Photo: Deco & Style

Here are the instructions for download as pdf.

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