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Trend Report: Autumn / Winter 2015/16

Fall / Winter Trends 2015/16
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  1. So beautiful and versatile is the fall
  2. Folk-country-Spirit
  3. potpourri
  4. Modern nomads
  5. Frozen
  6. Pure essence
  7. Geometry in black and white
  8. Time to shine

So beautiful and versatile is the fall

May the autumn come, because there is a good reason to look forward to the golden age: wonderfully versatile fashion trends await. What we need from now on, we tell you in our Trend Report.


Even though they have dominated international catwalks for several seasons, the seventies have not yet spoken their last word. From boho chic to psychedelic revival to round eyewear - this winter you should put on flowing maxi dresses and combine them with sheepskin vests or fringe ponchos. Welcome to Woodstock!

Vintage colors fir green, saffron yellow, rust and burgundy

Materials Suede / Suede, Velvet, Sheepskin, Silk Pattern: Patchwork, Psychedelic and Retro, Flowers

Must-haves flowing maxi dresses, sheepskin vests, wide-cut trousers, light blouses, ponchos and capes, fringes


This fall, we dress in a potpourri of dried flowers and luxurious brocade. At the heart of the trend are warm, muted tones, soft velvet and wide-cut pullovers. Clothing with floral designs and baroque wallpaper patterns is the best choice for an autumn walk in rust-red foliage.

Colors Marsala, brown and beige, plum, burgundy and yellow-orange details

Materials velvet, brocade, jacquard, satin, wool Pattern: flowers, baroque wallpaper pattern

Must-haves Long coats, wide-cut sweaters, sheath dresses, culottes, knit dresses

Modern nomads

This trend awakens wanderlust. Foreign cultures and ancient rituals inspired the designers for the winter of 2015/16 and are reflected in an abundance of ethnic prints, embroidery, Berber stripes and faux fur in the current collections. Join the nomad tribe!

Brown, khaki, beige, white and gray with accents in primary colors (red, blue, yellow)

Materials linen, wool, leather, silk, cotton, faux fur

Ethnic pattern, stripes, zigzag, embroidery must-haves: wool and fake fur coats, chunky cardigans, embroidered blouses, culottes and patterned pants


Attention, cold front! Down jackets, yeti faux fur and oversize knitwear are all white this season. This winter, the designers will not put up with any cold and shed the cold with a whole host of warming cuddly looks. Play with multiple layers and wrap yourself in an ultralong fringed scarf.

Colors white, beige, ice blue

Materials Lined fabrics, faux fur, knits, wool

Must-haves Large, thick -padded jackets, chunky knit, long jackets, wide-cut trousers, straight-cut midi skirts, detachable collars, knit dresses

Pure essence

This trend is limited to the essentials - and masters this with minimalist elegance. Clean lines, calm tones and masculine cuts are essential. And: the more modest the colors the more convincing the complete look. Because less is known, more.

Colors Complete look in white, black, beige or gray

Materials wool, cotton, polyester, silk, knit

Must-haves straight -leg pants, pencil skirts, shift dresses, A-line dresses, turtlenecks, masculine and classic coats

Geometry in black and white

Stripes, chessboard, squares and diamonds: This winter, the designers allow graphic forms creative space and seduce with optical illusions. Whether on long-sleeved maxi dresses or on graphic pullovers - you should now be prepared for a flood of black-and-white patterns.

Colors black and white

Materials silk, knit, cotton, polyester, leather

Pattern check, chessboard, diamonds, stripes, dots must-haves: printed maxi dresses, graphic sweaters and knit dresses, printed pants and t-shirts

Time to shine

This winter, the stars are good that we defy the darkness and capture the sunlight with our outfits. Glitter, metallic colors, sequined pullovers and sparkling disco ball style dresses - the motto is "It must shine"! And one thing is certain, you will not go unnoticed ...

Colors All! Especially gold, silver, bright red, dark blue and green

Materials glitter, sequins, lamé and metallic finish

Must-haves V-neck and mid-sleeved or long -sleeved dresses, figure-hugging leather dresses, sequined pullovers or shirts

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