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Trachten-Flashmob: All the polka dance

And suddenly the square was full of people in costumes ...
Photo: via Christine Heeger

A rainy day on the Burgplatz becomes something very special

A normal rainy day on the Burgplatz in Perchtoldsdorf in Austria. But the gray day is suddenly a colorful bustle: A flash mob in costumes!

A short stroll through the fair Landluft (on the topics of folk culture, costume and regional) on the Burgplatz - why not? Even in the rain, it can be quite contemplative under the umbrella when you stroll from stand to stand.

But on this day in September 2014, the Perchtoldsdorf awaits anything but a quiet fair day. Suddenly, many people in costumes show up and start to dance!

Polka and gallop are on the program. Even professional hip-hop and capoeira dancers are here. The place does not seem to have experienced so much life in a long time!

The traditional flash mob did not even have anything to do with the fair. Christine Heeger privately organized it on the page and on Facebook, to show that costume is quite beautiful and there are many occasions to carry it out . And that young and old - and from each style corner and direction can have fun together!

The Trachten Flashmob lasted only ten minutes. Then the 20-member brass band under Dieter Schickbichler and the dancers disappeared just as fast as they had appeared.

See the great folk flash mob in the video below:


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