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Table decoration for pumpkin festival

Class grimace: The pumpkin face on the right is also good on the balcony.
Photo: deco & style
  1. We celebrate gourds!
  2. Rustic round
  3. perch
  4. Mini-Star
  5. Knusperblatt

We celebrate pumpkins!

Halloween is one thing, but the vegetable giants can not only cut faces: they can also turn into extremely decorative table guests. They are delicious anyway. Celebrate with us!

Rustic round

Picture above: This table decoration for pumpkin festival is completely without Chichi. A table runner made of felt, simple dishes, a few
Wind lanterns - and all in seductive violet: that's all it takes. Except pumpkins of course ...

Crockery, from about 14 €: Eden Living


Who is so nicely decorated deserves a place of honor. The vine gourd perches on a foot bowl made of glass. For the wreath, divide pink snow berries into small sections and fix them with myrtle wire on a thin straw wreath (craft shop).

By the way: How you can carve the pumpkin for a nice center of the table, we'll tell you above step-by-step in the picture gallery.


This copy proves that the little pumpkins need not hide from their big colleagues at all. The Hokkaido made it to the pumpkin festival table and, with its bright orange, perfectly matches the fall foliage placed under the bowl.


With colored leaves conjure autumn mood on the table. We have added another delicious variation to this. To do this, bake maple leaves from shortcrust pastry (also available as a ready-to-bake mix), place them on a folded napkin together with a real leaf and tie a bow around them. Already the table decoration is perfect!

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