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Better than Thermomix? This machine replaces a complete kitchen!

High-level dishes made from capsules
  1. The master chef for your own kitchen
  2. Eating out of capsules
  3. Chefs fear the device
  4. Does this look like the future of cooking?

The master chef for your own kitchen

The machine replaces a whole kitchen including the cook! It conjures up no home-cooking, but the elaborate dishes of master chefs.

For 199 € you can get a kitchen with master chef home. The ChefCuisine cooks dishes that you would otherwise never get: roast goose on a lemon-lined bed or fillet of beef with soy, honey, mung bean sprouts and vegetables.

Eating out of capsules

The pre-cooked dishes of the star chefs are delivered to order on the Internet in capsules home. The capsules already contain all the ingredients needed for the dishes. The capsules are then put into the appliance together with some water and the ChefCuisine takes care of the rest. So you get ready cooked food, which then has to be served nicely on a plate.

The individual dishes cost between six and sixty euros. It may not sound cheap at first, but if you cook the dishes yourself it would be just as expensive.

Chefs fear the device

What sounds like a practical device for people who like to eat well, but can not cook well, brings cooks on the palm. They fear that customers will stay away from the gourmet restaurants and instead have the fine food prepared by ChefCuisine at home. After all, the manufacturer wants food to be available at the highest level for many parts of the population.

Another criticism is that the capsules are not environmentally friendly. They are considered after use as electronic waste, since a chip is integrated. This chip is necessary so that the individual capsule tells the machine how long it needs to be cooked.

Does this look like the future of cooking?

The ChefCuisine is reminiscent of the coffee machines that work with aluminum capsules. Although these capsule machines are very popular with coffee drinkers, there are still cafés. That's why I do not think star chefs need worry much. The people will certainly still go to gourmet restaurants, as a visit to a restaurant certainly can not be replaced by a machine.

Nevertheless, I find the idea that our food should come from capsules in the future, not very nice. There is too much waste! If I want to eat a dish of master chefs, I prefer to go to the restaurant, then it will be something special.