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Recipes from Donna Hay

Food: Donna is fast!

In a moment it should be ready, light, tasty and refined?

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Then cult cook Donna Hay has just the thing for you.

Spicy glazed chilli chicken

Ingredients (for two, 493 calories per serving)

2 chicken breast fillets large red chillies (pitted, finely chopped) 1 tablespoon finely grated ginger1 stalks lemongrass (just the white, finely chopped) 2 tablespoons fish sauce80 ml white wine vinegar75 g sugar300 g green snake beans (finely chopped) Steamed riceMint, basil, coriander and lime slices for garnish

Cut the chicken breast fillets lengthwise to produce four thin pieces. Chilli, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce, vinegar and sugar in a deep pan at high temperature for five minutes syrupy thickening.

Then cook the meat for four minutes, turn over, add the beans and cook for another three to four minutes until the meat is cooked. Serve with steamed rice, garnish with mint, basil, cilantro and lime slices and serve.

Figs and gorgonzola tarts

Ingredients (for 2 persons, 697 calories per serving)

2 plates of ready-made shortcrust pastry à 100 g (defrosted) 80 g Gorgonzola2 teaspoons oregano leaves3 quartered figs1 tablespoons honey1 tablespoons olive oil pepper50 g watercress6 slices of Parma ham

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Cut two circles from the dough using a dessert plate and place on a plate. Put the crumbled gorgonzola on the pastry, sprinkle with oregano and cover with figs.

Mix honey, oil and pepper and drizzle the tartes with half of the dressing. Bake crispy in 15 minutes. Then cover with the cress and the ham and dribble over the remaining dressing.

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Sesame salmon with Asian dressing

Ingredients (for 2 people, 489 calories per serving)

2 salmon fillets à 180 g (without skin) 35 g black sesame seeds (from the asiades)

1 tbsp vegetable oil50 g asian green salad2 tablespoon of mirin (asiatic rice wine) 1 tablespoon soy sauce60 ml lime juice

For the dressing bring the Mirin, the soy sauce and the lime juice over medium heat to a boil, remove from heat and let cool. Press the salmon from both sides into the black sesame seeds.

Then put the vegetable oil in a hot pan and fry the salmon on each side for three to four minutes. Then cut into slices or pieces, arrange with the salad, drizzle with the dressing and serve.

Raspberry Trifle

Ingredients (for 2 people, 628 calories per serving)

6 Sponge biscuits2 tablespoons raspberry or orange liqueur or sherry225 g fresh raspberries2.5 tablespoon powdered sugar125 g mascarpone125 ml whipped cream1 tsp vanilla extract

Halve the biscuits, divide into two glasses and drizzle with the liqueur. Mix the raspberries and 1.5 tablespoons powdered sugar with a fork and crush the raspberries roughly.

Then distribute to the glasses. Mix mascarpone, cream, remaining icing sugar and vanilla extract and beat until stiff. Put a cap on each serving. Refrigerate until served.

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