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Deadly diet pills: student burns internally

Eloise Parry died of an overdose of diet pills.

Diet pills can be so dangerous

A student from England burned from within after swallowing too many diet pills. The poisonous dietary products she had ordered on the Internet.

The market for diet products is huge. Constantly pops up on a new remedy, which is easy and, above all, quickly drop the pounds. The Magerwahn opens an insatiable market in tools that lead to the dream figure. Those affected do not see that they are already present in many cases - they always want to become thinner.

In England, relatives and friends are now mourning the loss of 21-year-old Eloise Aimee Parry, a victim of diet. The young student died of an overdose of diet pills . Instead of the recommended amount of two, she swallowed eight of the pills. After a short while she felt a growing malaise . It would feel like she was burning inside, she told her mother before Eloise finally went to the hospital.

At first, the doctors in the hospital do not assume a life-threatening situation - the 21-year-old is approachable and stable. But then they get the toxicological findings.

The young student actually burns from the inside. The poison of the diet pills has entered the bloodstream, their condition deteriorates dramatically. The doctors fought for Eloise's life, but the body is already poisoned. The 21-year-old stops breathing, then her heart stops too. The revival is unsuccessful.

The diet pills contained the active ingredient dinitrophenol, which is actually not suitable for human consumption, but is used industrially. DNP can cause rapid heartbeat, fever, circulatory problems and breathing difficulties, and death if overdosed. Dietary products containing the toxic substance are therefore banned in Germany.

The student had ordered the toxic diet pills on the Internet. Magerwahn outweighed the health consciousness and cost the girl the life. Experts explicitly warn against using DNP-containing weight loss agents.

We reveal how to lose weight in a healthy and correct way.

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