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Thinx: Menstrual underpants for the good cause

These panties help Africa and are also super handy.
Photo: Thinx
  1. Who is behind Thinx?
  2. How does the Thinx underwear work?
  3. Where can I buy the Thinx wash?
  4. For whom are Thinx panties suitable?
  5. Thinx panties do good

Period laundry as a tampon alternative

Admittedly, nobody really likes to talk about it, but we women have it pretty hard once a month. Reason enough to think about making this time of the month easier. And that's what three young women from the USA did. The result is Thinx. This is modern, pretty underwear that can replace tampons and bandages.

Who is behind Thinx?

Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal came up with the idea for Thinx underwear because they often had problems with themselves during their days. Something went wrong, sometimes they had forgotten tampons or were just surprised. It took three years for the idea of ​​the three New Yorkers to become a product. Today, the young entrepreneurs are proud of their unique menstrual underwear.

How does the Thinx underwear work?

There are four different Thinx models. Thong, Cheeky, Hiphugger and Luxe. Different are absorbency and cut. All models are equipped with technology that can absorb liquid like a bandage. It consists of three layers: an antibacterial, an absorbent and a liquid-impermeable layer. Big advantage: The panties are washable and reusable. And at the same time 100 percent hygienic.

Where can I buy the Thinx wash?

At present, Think underwear can only be ordered through the shop of the website. The prices vary, depending on the product. A string in the color black or nude costs about the equivalent of 21 euros. It is suitable for women who only have their days easily or for those who are just about to die down. The medium model is called "Cheeky" (about 25 euros) and is just suitable for moderate bleeding. If you have a strong rule, use "Hiphugger" for about 30 Euros. Of course, that sounds expensive now, but one should not forget that tampons, depending on the manufacturer, add up to more money. Incidentally, you can already save money on the page. Depending on the number of removed panties's cheaper. Who buys seven pieces at once, gets a discount of 20 percent.

For whom are Thinx panties suitable?

First, it should be made clear that the menstrual blood is caught in the pants. If you do not like this idea - and maybe you have a dislike for bandages anyway - you might want to bet on the traditional tampon. But even the latter method has its pitfalls. By inserting the tampon into the vagina, bacteria can quickly enter the body via the finger. Anyone who has experience here should think about a Thinx underpants. The great thing about Thinx: It can also be used as a protection in addition to a tampon in heavy bleeding and poor opportunities to change. So nothing goes wrong.

Thinx panties do good

Every woman uses about 17, 000 tampons and pads in her life . This is a huge burden on the environment and the wallet. In other words, the Thinx-Pantie is not just practical, it's also good for the environment.

But the inventors of Thix want even more: on their travels across India and Africa, they discovered that many girls do not leave home while they have their days. Reason: you can afford neither tampons nor binding. The young entrepreneurs quickly grew in wanting to help the young girls.

Meanwhile, the purchase of a Thinx panty is funding the production of seven reusable pads that will be donated to girls in developing countries.

The story of Thinx panties told by Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal in a video.

The THINX Story from Thinx on Vimeo.