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Valentine's Day: heart garland

  • Sponge rubber in pink and pink
  • pink, printed tracing paper (eg

      with roses or hearts; Stationary trade / craft store)
    • 1 deco needle (flower shop)
    • 1 decor
    • 2 x 10 cm ribbon (narrow) in purple
    • 6 mini round head clips in rose / violet (eg from company Rayher
    • 1.5 m embroidery thread in pink (eg by Anchor)
    • scissors
    • superglue
    • thick embroidery needle

    1. From sponge rubber 6 cut out hearts of about 12 cm height. Cut out one matching heart (approx. 0.5 cm smaller) from the tracing paper.

    2. For a heart fix the sponge rubber and the paper with the aid of the decon needle (centered), glue the bead to the end of the needle with superglue.

    3. For two hearts, paper and sponge rubber are held together by the ribbon and tied to the bow at the front.

    4. On two further sponge rubber hearts, the transparent paper is pinned in the middle with 3 round head clips each.

    5. On the last heart sew on the tracing paper in coarse needle stitches (embroidery thread) and connect the hearts alternately to the garland with the rest of the yarn.

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