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Blackboard with pebble frame

  • Paint roller (hardware store)
  • Blackboard (hardware store)
  • Picture frame (eg

      by Rico Design, craft shop)
    • Acrylic paint in white (eg from Marabu; department store)
    • Lubricant paper (hardware store)
    • Pebbles in gray and white (craft shop)
    • Hot glue gun (eg from Dremel, DIY store)
    • Hot glue (hardware store)

    1. Get all the materials right.

    2. Apply the board color to the image with the paint roller. Let it dry and repeat if necessary.

    3. Paint the picture frame with white acrylic paint. Let dry.

    4. Sand the dried frame with sandpaper to give it some patina.

    4. Stick the pebbles on the edge with hot glue.

    5. Arrange the board in a clearly visible place. So you do not forget shopping anymore