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Peppermint oil stops a headache

Peppermint Oil is a gentle but effective alternative for the treatment of headaches.
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  1. It does not always have to be tablets!
  2. Permanently abstain from painkillers
  3. Peppermint oil as effective as medicines
  4. Complaint-free after 15 minutes - without side effects
  5. Tips to prevent headaches

It does not always have to be tablets!

Lack of sleep, stress, muscle tension - the causes of headaches are manifold. In addition, there are 200 different types - such. The tension headache. Almost every third German suffers about 30 days a year. Typical feature: The symptoms move from the shoulder-neck area to the head - a feeling as if the skull is clamped in a vise.

Permanently abstain from painkillers

Adults then quickly resort to tablets. Because when the head pulls and pushes, sufferers want relief quickly. In the long term, the chemical preparations themselves can cause discomfort. In addition, they burden the sensitive gastrointestinal tract and the detoxification organs liver and kidneys. Therefore, medics advise not taking analgesic medications more than ten times a month and not more than three consecutive days.

Peppermint oil as effective as medicines

In addition, not every headache needs to be treated with medication. Dr. Ronald Brand from the migraine and headache clinic Königstein recommends a gentle alternative: 10% peppermint oil (Euminz, over-the-counter, pharmacy). "The pain-relieving effect is very intense - comparable to the intake of 1 g acetylsalicylic acid or acetaminophen, as the result of new studies, " explains the expert. Therefore, it is also approved for the treatment of tension-type headache. Because the drug Levomenthol cools in the short term so strong that the pain is blocked.

In addition: "Through the use of the extract of medicinal herbs, the blood circulation of the scalp blood vessels is increased by up to 255 percent. We suspect a correlation between improved blood flow and the disappearance of the headache. " Fire.

Complaint-free after 15 minutes - without side effects

For treatment, apply the peppermint oil to the painful points on forehead, neck or shoulders. Already after 15 minutes, the symptoms are significantly alleviated. The advantage: The remedy works only externally, does not burden stomach, liver or kidneys - and is therefore also suitable for pregnant women and children from six years. After all, according to surveys, 40 percent of elementary students regularly suffer from headaches .

Tips to prevent headaches

Create small islands of peace, z. For example, a 20-minute walk helps reduce stress. Try relaxation techniques like yoga and endurance sports like Nordic Walking. The health insurance companies participate in the course fees.

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