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What do I wear with which dress code?

Classic chic with white blouse and black blazer by Miranda Kerr.
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Business formal & Co.

Business Casual, Day Informal, Smart Casual? ! Huh? You understand only station? We now clarify the meaning of the individual dress codes.

Who does not know this problem?! You get an invitation on which a dress code is given. Phew! Ok, first googling quickly, what that means at all, and then panicking in the wardrobe to see if everything is there, what you need.

We only say: calm blood! And explain to you here what the dress code on the invitation means, which occasion it accompanies - and what they can contribute to it.

Dress code : Business formal

Occasion: appointments with customers, daily outfit for executives in the office

If the dress code business is formally desired, you should always dress smartly. Costume, trouser suit or shift dress are required. In terms of color, you should dress in muted tones. Black, gray, a dark blue or cognac are allowed.

Miranda Kerr features a slim black trouser-blazer ensemble by David Jones. To match, you can combine a white blouse (all buttons should be buttoned) and black pumps.

Dress code : Semi-formal

Occasion: business invitation, wedding, company meeting

A little caution should be taken with this dress code. After all, what sounds like a relaxed atmosphere and relaxed conversations among colleagues really demands a lot of tact.

Semi-formal, in fact, classic-chic wardrobe is required. During the day you should choose a costume or trouser suit, in the evening it may then be a long black dress, but this should not shine through lack of straplessness - too sexy.

Julia Roberts proves a good hand for styling. The black dress is classic cut: slightly waisted, knees remain covered. It is spiced up by darts made of leather on the sleeves - this is quite allowed, but may not look cheap material side.

Dress code : Business casual

Occasion: internal meeting, trip on a business trip with boss and customer

This dress code suggests a casual look, but here is more: more is more ... So what sounds like a casual outfit at an internal office meeting, actually still means a classic chic style.

In Business casual you can wear a dark cloth or corduroy pants with a classic cut. For this you combine, for example, a tweed blazer over the blouse and loafer. Important: If you have decided on an elegant skirt, it should always go over your knees.

Anna Wintour loves and lives fashion and masters all dress codes in perfection. The twinset of a tweed skirt with matching jacket is completed by a simple white top. The color-coordinated statement necklace loosens up the otherwise strict outfit. A clutch would put the icing on the look.

Dress code: smart casual

Occasion: business dinner after work, Christmas party, team building measure

The dress code smart casual is actually "Come as you are". But here too the problem: One should not just come and wear his personal cosiness outfit, of course.

Here you are welcome to dress a bit looser without losing your style. For example, in smart casual women wear a linen twinset and closed shoes. But it goes to an elegant, dark jeans and a striped blouse.

The latter loves actress Emma Stone as a look. The gray trouser suit is lightened by a blue blouse. The top buttons may like to be open and share the view of a dainty gold chain. A pair of sunglasses in horn optics is recommended in sunshine, otherwise leave out.

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