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Heidi Klum: How good that her mother is here

Heidi Klum can always rely on mother Erna.
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She plunges into work, has little time for the children

Right now the children need their parents. But they go their own way:

They had promised. Top model Heidi Klum (38) and still-husband Seal (49) wanted to take care of their four children after the separation in January.

But now neither has time. The little ones would be surrounded by strangers, if not their grandmother Erna Klum (67) would be with them. How good that Heidi's mother is there ...

"We will continue to spend a lot of time together. The most important thing is that the children feel loved, "said Seal months ago. "I will take care of my children and protect them, " said top model Heidi Klum still after the separation.

But what has become of it? Seal has been starring in Australia for the TV show "Voice of Australia" for months, flirting with colleague Delta Goodrem (27) in his free time.

Even top model Heidi Klum is plunging into work: for the children's toys manufacturer "Toys'R'Us" she designs accessories, for the TV channel "QVC" jewelry and watches. Heidi travels around the world: Last week to a gala in New York, in June it goes to Cologne for the finale of the TV show "Germany's Next Top Model"! Leni (8), Henry (6), Johan (5) and Lou (2) do not have much of their parents. The kids just need mom and dad so much right now.

"The most important thing about a separation is that both parents still show that they are there for the children. A constancy of everyday life is essential, especially in infants, "says Professor Gerhard Jorch (60), a specialist in pediatric and adolescent medicine at the University Children's Hospital Magdeburg.

But only grandma Klum really takes time for the little ones, plays with them, reads stories - like Mama did. Let's just hope that Heidi Klum remembers the really important things in life: their children.