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Stylish and warmInstruction: Knit knit coat

For the coming days, when we just want to snuggle up nicely, this knit coat is just right. And so you can knit him.

Photo: MEZ GmbH. 2016

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For 39 cm from stop the 6.-30. Disable M = 25 M (according to section). With needle 7 mm for pocket bag cast on 25 sts and knit 15 cm smooth right. Insert this M for the disengaged M and continue working on all M in the honeycomb and collar pattern as before.
On the right edge the decreases work as described on the back.
At the same time for the neckline after 70 cm from the stop on the left edge, knit the last st of the honeycomb pattern together with the 1st blind st. Repeat this decrease 7 times in every 2nd row = 8 dips-m. Continue to knit 10 cm in the waistband over the 8 trim sts. Then shut down this M
On the decommissioned 25 sts with needle 7 mm knit another 4 cm in the waistband pattern. At the beginning and at the end of the panel knit 1 right st each.
Knit the right front piece in the same direction.
Cast on 50/54/58 sts with needle 7 mm and knit 8 cm in the waistband. Continue with the needle 8 mm in the honeycomb pattern, dividing the R as follows: Randm, 12x / 13x / 14x the repeat, finish the R with 1 edge st.
On every 6th round on every 6th row R 10x 1 st / every 6th row RX 1 sts, every other row R 8x 1 sts / every 4th row R 10x 1 st, in each 2nd row increase 4x sts = 70/78 / 86 M. Integrate this pattern into the honeycomb pattern according to the pattern.
After 40/38/36 cm from the stop for the raglan slope, remove on both sides as described for the back section, while continuing to work in the honeycomb pattern. After 67 cm from the stop, bind off the remaining 10 sts.
Close the raglan seams, then close the side and sleeve seams. Close the open sts of the stitched panels (rear center neckline) in a stitch stitch and sew on the neckline. Sew on the narrow sides of the pocket panels
and sew the bag from the left side. Sew the snaps on the front panels according to the cut.
MEZ GmbH. 2016th

MEZ GmbH. 2016th

MEZ GmbH. 2016th

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